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Hi Shannon! I was just reviewing the last few pages of archives to catch up with how you're doing. It seems like you have such a lovely life in Japan! You've been there what, 14 or more years now? That's so cool. It must be really nice to think of Donald Trump so much more seldom than we have to here.


Hey Clancy. Glad to hear from you.

Just began year 18, believe it or not. Most of the time I'm not consciously aware that I live in a "foreign" country. Actually, I am aware of it because people stare and treat me differently, but that's not much different than growing up as a black kid in the very white northwest Boston suburbs. Only the language and my height relative to average is really different.

I try to avoid the Trump stuff as much as I can, but unfortunately North Korea is too much on the minds of Japanese for this latest Singaporean dog and pony show to not be front and center on the news. I doubt this is covered much in the States, but North Korea abducted some number of Japanese citizens over the decades and getting those folks returned is a huge political issue in Japan.


Prime Minister Abe met with Trump some time ago to urge him to bring this up with Kim Jong Un. Abe is gonna learn the hard way that throwing in one's lot with Trump is ill-advised.

Hope you and yours are doing well.

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